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Debut album, released 28th May (physical) and 14th May (digital)

1. Fires
2. Bobby
3. These Quiet Times
4. Frozen Lake
5. Treeology
6. Torch Song
7. Memory Tree
8. Penguins
9. From The Ground
10. Winter Coats
11. Summer Came When We Were Falling Out

The album is recorded, shows are booked, and PR companies are fighting naked for the rights to plug it. Release date will be May 28th. So, before people have a go, there is a very ltd three track promo kicking about. These contain tracks from the album, so are not exclusive and they are numbered so we know who we sent them too. If you purchase one then we can tell you who it was should you need to know.

VAN134P - 3" CD promo, three tracks from the album, in handmade sleeve by Ben Javens.