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Teaism is a music compilation featuring a diverse range of artists who each created a unique song based around the theme of music inspired by the art and culture of tea.
This limited edition album features handmade screen-printed artwork by Roy Ananda.
Conceived and curated by Stefan Panczak (Inch-time).

01. Max de Wardener - Kettle Song
Written and produced by Max de Wardener
02. The Break-ups - Assam
Written and produced by Dave Miller & Matthew Boaro
03. Inch-time - Snow Jewel
Written and produced by Stefan Panczak
04. Carlos y Gaby - The Tea, Makes Love To Me
Written and produced by Carlos Nino Music by Carlos Nino, vocals by Gaby Hernandez
05. AM/PM - Shennong
Written and produced by Radovan Scasascia
06. Serafina Steer - Mr Sands Has Left The Building
Written and produced by Serafina Steer
07. Pimmon - Silver Needle
Written and produced by Paul Gough
08. Tunng - Shove It
Written by Mike Lindsay and Sam Genders. Produced by Mike Lindsay. Published by Domino Records
09. root70 - Immaculate Conception
Written by Hayden Chisholm
With Hayden Chisholm, Nils Wogram, Matt Penman, Jochen Rueckert
10. Lord Jim - Teapot Waltz
Written and produced by Curtis Leaver
11. Qua - Lapsang Suochong (Iced Tea Mix)
Produced by Cornel Wilczek at Electric Dreams. Additional drums by Laurence Pike
12. Dollboy - One Liner
Written and produced by Oliver Cherer.
Performed by Ollie (instruments, vocal) and Stan (vocal)
13. Xela - Genmaicha Dorou
Steeped and sipped by J.P. Twells
14. Oblong - Four PM
Written and produced by Sid Stronach, Dave Nice and Ben Edwards
15. Cibelle with Josh Weller - Mr & Ms Grey
Written by Cibelle and Josh Weller. Produced and mixed by Cibelle at Supine Studios Acoustic guitar, backing vocals and drums by Josh Weller. Twelve string guitar by Simon Ribchester Hammond, percussion, vocals and backing vocals by Cibelle