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The Static Brothers arrived back deluded and cold from their Christmas break at the Chalon Way multi-storey car boot in St.Helens. Here they had nestled in-between some Cardiacís releases, tins with no labels and a roof fashioned from the sleeves of Man albums, before deciding enough was enough and that the Yellow Moon Band must come up with a half decent single to be played on the radio. The Freakzone minimum exposure required.

Renewing contact with the band they found that they had been on a musical sabbatical, the members going on separate journeys around various musical locations in history.

Jo and Danny had been allowed to watch Steve Albini (from a hide) collect clay in Mexico City for his new zero gravity Mud studio. Steve was aware he was being watched but he didnít let on in case it hampered the dynamic acoustics of the condenser microphone atop his Fiat Punto.

Math had been transported back to witness the very tiny mad man Lindsay Buckinhameister at the recording sessions for the Tusk album. Here he was privy to the secret discussion between Lindsay and Lindsay's reflection in the mirror. Lindsay kept saying "no, this is a good album, the right length, all filler and no killer."

The remainder of YMB were allowed to go around to Steve Hackettís house to see his collection of musical dolls. Whilst they were there Steve had shared with them the secret of the Genesis reunion later this year. Steve and Peter will tie up the drummer and play 'Carry on up the Vicarage' to the queen and her guests!

Right then here's the new single from The Yellow Moon Band.

Recorded in a clay studio with a Fiat Punto, a doll of Lindsay Buckingham, at the home of Steve Hackett in a Vicarage in Mexico City. Three tracks, all killers!!

The band will play a pair of release shows. Firstly on Sat 9th Feb at the Gladstone Ė London, followed by a guest slot with MV+EE in Bristol on Feb 13th.

Limited to 500 copies on seven inch wax only. Vinyl comes in a facsimile harvest house bag.