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Bronnt's soundtrack to the classic 1922 silent film about witchcraft, Haxan (released recently on Tartan DVD), will very soon be available for the first time on audio CD. It is a limited edition work in a hand-stamped sleeve (VAN168), released by Static Caravan. Containing 27 new tracks, this release will be the second full length Bronnt Industries Kapital album.

The world of horror soundtracks has long been an inspiration for Bronnt Industries Kapital, the musical project revolving around Bristol-based composer Guy Bartell, and it is no surprise that Bronnt should return the favour by delivering a horror soundtrack of its own. Häxan (1922, dir. Benjamin Christensen) is a fusion film using dramatisation, documentary and animation to explore the themes of witchcraft and superstition. Met with outrage on its release, it has since been reappraised as a classic. Bronnt was commissioned to write a new soundtrack to accompany the film's first release on DVD in Europe (TVD3758) in 2007, and it is this soundtrack which forms the group's second album, the follow up to 2005's acclaimed Virtute et Industria.

Much of Häxan was shot at night to enhance the sinister mood of the film, and Bronnt utilized a similar schedule to evoke the awe of the Sabbat. The soundtrack was composed and performed using a wide range of instrumentation, including clockwork devices, transistor organs, mellotron, clarinet, guitars, bespoke string instruments, pianos, tone generators, analog synthesizers and elaborate processing and manipulation through antique tape machines and plate reverbs. The resulting scope of the soundtrack is vast, ranging from minimalist clockwork lullabies to lush orchestral ensemble pieces, heavenly analog sound collages to hellish electrical miasmas, all imbued with a darkly hypnagogic ambiance worthy of Christensen's strange world populated by mechanical demons and castles in the clouds.

"Brilliant & terrifying" Guardian, UK

"Edge of seat stuff" Metro UK

"Bronnt's music acheives nothing short of transubstantiation" Venue, UK