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Release date: May 11th 2011

Tula, which in her native language means to wander far into the forest, is a Swedish folk enchantress who has already released a beautifully beguiling single for Static Caravan last year, ‘No Name’. Since then she’s done sessions for 6Music and XFM and has performed many intoxicating live shows. Now Tula is returning with another single for the Static Brothers this time embellishing the rustic folk of her debut with a seasoning of beguiling piano-led spiritual and poetic vibe.

Lead track ‘Don’t Say a Word’ beds down with circular electric piano and spare guitar; an airy ambience recalling the Cocteau Twins at their most spectral, with Tula’s gentle vocals completing the feel of effervescent slumber. As it gradually builds to a breathy climax, all tightly-coiled melody and post-coital tenderness, the gorgeous refrain sees the song transform from chamber-folk elegance into a vivid folk-pop maelstrom.

Although this could easily be the soundtrack of a Jaromil Jirez filmed fairytale , the repeated hook of ‘Yes’ sees her accompanied by spidery guitar – spartan in arrangement, it nevertheless oozes electricity, the palpable sense of urgency reverberating while her lithe voice glides across the surface; like a folklore Meg Ryan metamorphosising into ‘Low’s Mimi Parker.

Closing track ‘Tula’ bubbles with undulating intensity, a pulsating rhythm teamed with ominous sounding bass for an extraordinarily eerie sensation, gloriously topped off with Tula’s sensuous, siren-like tones. Seductively spiralling and twisting into poised shapes, the track is a vibrant reminder of the grace and warmth of Tula’s music, always yielded with raw emotion.

Seven inch’s of blue wax in an edition of 400 with printed inner sleeves.