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Release date: May 15th 2016

Someone To Care For brings Darren Hayman back to the Caravan with The Hayman Kupa Band. An alternative hit laced with temptation and a spoonful of infidelity.

The Hayman Kupa Band is a supergroup comprising of Darren Hayman of Darren Hayman and Hefner fame, Emma Kupa formerly of Standard Fare and current Mammoth Penguin, Fever Dream drummer Cat Loye and Michaelmas a.k.a. Michael Wood on bass.

Back in 2014 Darren asked Emma to sing on his Fortuna Pop single 'Boy, look at what you can't have now' and a fruitful and productive working relationship blossomed from that first meeting over the following months producing a set of co-written songs. Cat and Michael were recruited to bring the songs to life and form The Hayman Kupa Band.

An album has been recorded and a few rare gigs played so far but this year will see the release of their debut single and some shows across the UK. The songs are direct and personal with Darren and Emma's voices interacting and intertwining over the music.