Top curve Bottom curve

Release date: 21st November 2016

Twenty-one years ago, Bristol's Cup of Tea label released a five-track E.P by Grantby. After being made single of the week in the Maker , standout track 'Timber' could be heard in downbeat club nights across the U.K , Europe and eventually the West coast of the States, becoming a regular play on KCRW. Licensed to multiple compilations, tracks from the E.P began to show up on T.V shows and Films. Remix work continued into 1996 and the track 'It's Coming' contributed to Mo' wax's Headz 2 L.P. More remix work included Depeche Mode and Calexico. A deal was signed. Then...Nothing.

In late 1999 a track called 'The Jonah' appeared, and was immediately picked up by Magician Derren Brown's T.V show. In three quarter time, episodic and featuring an expansive backdrop of strings, it serves as a prelude to 'The Beast System' E.P about to be released on Static Caravan.

Still heavily influenced by Eno's use of tonal clusters, Dan Grigson is joined by guitarist Richard Purvis, drummer Zane Scott and vocalist Monooka for another five track disc, exploring moods both blue and bright.

400 12” Records is all you get folks.



"Over-analysis can kill the moment like nothing else so let’s just say this record is essential, gripping, important. It sounds like the best record that Ghost Box haven’t made this year, or put another way, if you’re into Grails or Cavern Of Anti-Matter or Mogwai’s soundtrack work you really need to check it out." [Monorail, Glasgow]