Top curve Bottom curve

Release date: July 7th 2017
Format: 7” single (300 only)

EAN (best known for his work with folk band Stick In The Wheel and long lost electronic pioneers Various Production) gives two pieces from Eliza Carthy's most recent album "The Big Machine" a new, and more urgent context, then lets The Memory Band's "Children of the Stones" sink into a new rhythm for tomorrow.

Static alumni himself, EAN (with Geoff) has been cooking up a Remixed project for a while. His two musical worlds collide to make new forms.

Aleppo In The Sun As It Was got picked up by Nemome for BBC 6 Music Breakfast show airplay and we're pleased to be able to partner it with The  Memory Band for a physical release.

You can find the original source of these magical works here:
Original version from Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band’s ‘Big Machine’ deluxe version (Topic Records)
Original version from Memory Band’s ‘A Fair Field’ (static caravan records)