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Entrancing, enthralling, and exhilarating. The Birmingham, UK collective, risen from the ashes of a psychedelic bonfire, bringing forth something experimental yet darkly distinctive. Since their recent inception, BLACKASH have been making waves on the underground scene providing listeners with a symphonic catharsis to carry us through the darker, colder months. Unique, infectious, at once ethereal and substantive, Black Hole Psychedelia.

Release Date : 3rd December 2016
A1 Black Witch (9.15)
A2 Meditation Number 3 (3.33)
B1 Anthropocene (5.31)
B2 Meditation Number 9 (3.33)


12 Vinyl 4 Track EP
Released by Swordfish Records as a limited edition run of 333 red spattered vinyl with glow in the dark sleeves of the blackest black known to man. Warning - sleeve contains a 1 gram wrap of black ash, from the center of the earth. (not for human consumption, seriously !!)