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CD in hand printed poster sleeve package of 100 copies.

Release date: December 7th 2018

Composer and musician S H Fox presents ‘Realms’, a suite of musical pieces inspired by the nine realms of Norse mythology.

Using traditional and historical folk instrumentation as a starting point, ‘Realms’ invokes rituals, processions and mythological worlds of the ancient North. Each realm develops from this initial foundation to explore diverse genres and textures, encompassing dark ambient atmospheres and drone through to doom metal. The whole cycle takes the listener on a dramatic journey from the homesteads and rituals of the human realm, Midgard, into worlds of ice, mist and fire ruled by the ancient Norse gods.


Simon Fox is an acoustic meddler, with work ranging from traditional folk songs to more challenging sonic experiments. As well as a large body of solo work as ‘World Of Fox’, Simon is a prolific collaborator, working with diverse groups across a wide variety of genres. His current projects are testament to his wilfully varied musical activity, including drums/trombone/drums noise trio ‘Kendo Nagasaki’; free-jazz/electronic collective ‘Some Some Unicorn’; and C&W band ‘Independent Country’! Previous projects include post-rock pioneers ‘Grover’, electronica duo ‘Krafla’, film soundtracks, ongoing collaboration with singer-songwriter James Summerfield, and a pop single with Amelia Fletcher from ‘Talulah Gosh’. Simon’s work is released on a host of independent record labels, including Static Caravan, Where It’s At Is Where You Are, Die Das Der, Polytechnic Youth, Clutter Music, Teleran and Bearos, amongst others.

CD in hand printed poster sleeve by Lanacshire and Somerset in an edition of 100 copies.



"This is quite some powerful release, un-Static Caravan like perhaps, but then I'd argue that even in these at times heavy rock guitar sounds, the tune always counts and none of these exercises is too long,usually clocking in at four to five minutes. Music for the dark season, this surely is." [Vital Weekly]