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Release date: 7th June 2019
Format: 7” lathe cut (2 exclusive tracks) / Full album CD

Following 2017’s blink-and-you-missed-it Uncertain Twilight EP, Martin Jensen’s The Home Current project is finally back on Static Caravan armed with a brand new album entitled The Splendour Of Change. Across its 14 tracks, Martin takes us on an engaging journey across lush valleys of soundscapes and rolling hills of beats, interspersed with patches of steely machinations, always keeping his sense of melody and composition in the mix.

The Home Current’s debut album, ‘Another Way Of Falling Apart’, was released to critical acclaim by Polytechnic Youth in 2018.

The Splendour Of Change is The Home Current’s first full length for Static Caravan and comes with a bonus 7” lathe cut containing two exclusive non-album tracks.

99 edition 7” lathe cut + CD album with sleeve artwork by Ben Javens.



"This is some excellent music; music that puts a little warmth in this house. It is all instrumental, it is all electronic with synthesizers and drum machines, having its roots in techno, pop, Elektro; in Kraftwerk, OMD, John Foxx and sounding mechanical but also very warm." [Vital Weekly]