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Release date: September 20th 2019

Format: Vinyl Album in an edition of 250 copies.

1. Moth To The Light
2. On Your Own
3. Stranger of Mine
4. Lift your Head
5. Fairest Flaws
6. Spanish Moss
7. Simmer Down
8. The Leaving
9. The Journey
10. The Arrival
11. The Weight
12. Colours of May

Just in case you hadn’t noticed from the music industry bunker Pledge Music collapsed and took all the pledged music with it. This left many industrious artists adrift. After the Static Brothers realized that local laurel canyon folkies Boat to Row were caught in this, they stepped in to secure the release of their new (second) album.

Two years in preparation and working closely with long term collaborator Francis Gorini to mix and master the songs and realize the album artwork, ‘Rivers That Flow In Circles’ is an album that sees that band expanding their musical horizons, from the golden laurel canyon sounds of the latest single ‘On Your Own’, through the ever changing soundscapes of the four movements of ‘Fledgling’, the band have taken every opportunity to develop and redefine their songwriting. Written and recorded through a tumultuous period of lineup changes, corrupted recording hard drives and studio closures, ‘Rivers That Flow In Circles’ captures the band at their resilient best, refusing to know when to quit. Drawing on the talents of band members past and present as well as colleagues from their native Birmingham scene, Boat to Row have created an album which captures their musical explorations perfectly.

‘Rivers That Flow in Circles’ release will be marked with a headlining performance at Moseley Arts and Folk Festival.

​"It's great to hear they're back in style" - Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

"I love this band...glorious stuff" - Janice Long, BBC Wales



"For the most the reference points would be the atmospheric English progressive folk sounds of the late 60s, as embodied in such acts as Pentangle, Comus, Third Ear Band and Amazing Blondel.” [Folk Radio]