Top curve Bottom curve

Release date: October 12th 2019
Format: 7” single (with 4 track download card)

David O’Dowda is an Irish songwriter who has been living in Manchester since 1999. Previous musical adventures include keyboard player with Sizer Barker, front man for ‘Table’ (with a previous single release on Static Caravan) and more recently pianist for former Maccabees front man Orlando Weeks’ The Gritterman’, featuring Paul Whitehouse.

Since taking the legs off Table in 2012, he has written over 70 songs for Extreme music, one of the world’s leading production music companies. His songs have been featured on lots of TV shows, trailers and films world- wide including Queer Eye, Hot Girls Wanted and Homelands and he has composed a bit of music for TV advertising short films and a feature film in 2018. Music from his last EP ‘The World Retreats’ was featured on season 2 of the hit Netflix show ‘Dark’ in June 2019

This EP marks the return of David to the Static Family after we pursued him just to hear his stories about touring with Peter Gabriel (ask him the one about explaining to Peter that the arrow on your fuel indicator tells you what side of your car the petrol tank is on).