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Release date: August 2020
Format: 2 Track lathe cut 7” Vinyl and 4 Track CD

Formerly known as Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates. ‘The First Song of the Revolution’ EP is Matthew Edwards’s first release with his new group Matthew Edwards and the Futurists and his first release on Static Caravan Records of England. Matthew reinvented the group after the death of close collaborator Derick Simmonds and his relocation back to California after five years in his native Birmingham.

" The First Song of the Revolution." Are 4 songs of trouble. They chronicle divorce, dissolution, isolation, disease, loss and ultimately fortitude. It is my last ‘rock and roll’ record” — MATTHEW EDWARDS

The Static Brothers have sought, tried, fought to make a release with Matthew happen for a decade. Finally even a pandemic could not stop it.

100 7” copies on traditional black wax with CD and insert.



"Just when I thought we said goodbye to Static Caravan, surely one of my favourite imprints for all things electronic pop and beyond, they return (?) with this great 7" (two tracks) and CDR (4 tracks). First Matthew Edwards had a band called the Unfortunates and after the death of close collaborator Derrick Simmonds and relocating to California it is now Matthew Edwards And The Futurists. Edwards says these songs are of 'trouble' and "chronicle divorce, dissolution, isolation, disease, loss and ultimately fortitude", plus also "this is my last 'rock and roll' record". That would be a pity as these four pieces are gorgeous dramatic songs. This is indeed a rock record, with lots of guitars, Edwards' strong voice and a bit of piano, in 'Marin County' and in 'Jesus, Satan, Shiva and Me', easily the most introspective song here). Edwards has a strong command in his voice and in the title song it is almost a call to arms to start the revolution. This song sticks right in your brain. 'The Falls' leans towards a more folk song, but then heavily electrified. Two more rock-oriented pieces and two more introspective songs. Maybe not entirely Vital Weekly music, but I love it." (FdW) [Vital Weekly]