Top curve Bottom curve

Release date: May 2021

Format: 8” lathe cut and download

It’s time to join the musical mystery tour that is Cult 48. No data to crunch, no control measures in place. Pie charts avoided and in an attempt to arrange a Teams meeting there was not even invites to be made.

Cult 48. A dead letter mail box and hand posted CDRs led to Van 352.

Get your hat and coat ready though as this is a guaranteed to sell out 8” lathe of tracks remixed by unknown remixers for egoless electronica personalities.

Limited Edition of 111 lathe cut 8”.



Perhaps no surprise is the mystery act, as there are plenty of those around. Add to that Cult 48. They have an album out, and they mailed some CDRs to Static Caravan. That went to "unknown remixers for egoless electronica personalities" and 111 copies are pressed on a lathe cut record. I quickly checked the album, on the Bandcamp page of Cult 48, and notice that the remixes/edits are similarly. Not sure what makes something an edit and what extents to a remix, but alas. 'Creatures Of The Forest' arrives in the form of an 'edit' is a downtempo song with sampled voices, skipping and scratching around and 'Orauen' is a remix, with similar elements, but it comes with a few additional synth parts, perhaps it is that makes this a remix? There is a fine lo-fi element to these electronic songs that I enjoyed a lot. Nothing too smooth and neatly rough around the edges. Forget what I said before about the world of remixes and enjoy this. [VITAL WEEKLY]