Top curve Bottom curve

Out February 13th 2006

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Some Thoughts:
Over the holiday period the static brothers got bored and decided to try their hand at HOME BREW (the new rock’n’roll / comedy / knitting / black / Ronnie Barker etc.) Two bottles of vodka, a Battenberg cake, some sweat from king creosotes brow, 1 pp3 battery, a twist of blood, some kiwi fruit etc. leave to bubble for a few weeks and ahoy we have van brew. So they rang everybody on their silly label for a party and the only person who drinks is Stefan Panzak, Inch-Time to you and others. In return Stefan has delivered two sides of irresistible electronic sound and we intend to send these promo copies along with a bottle to all, especially those loveable radio 6 dj’s.
Some Facts:
Inch-Time’s debut album (Any colour you Like) was released as ltd CD in Europe by Static Caravan to heaps of praise. Placing it amongst the top 15 electronica releases of 2006, The Wire reviewed the album as “a luminous collection of music that deserves a wider hearing. Panczak is blessed with a marvellously unhurried sense of placement and these pieces unfurl with an almost ceremonious poise. “Kyoto” proves the point, counter pointing trembling pizzicatos with a wistfully circular arrangement for string quartet and calmly conjuring a richly melancholy atmosphere without the faintest hint of gimmickry”.

Their First fully released album is already completed and generating internet buzz. It will be released in June 2006.

Inch-Time play shows in London in January before touring in Australia and returning for European festival dates in summer.