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The Home Current 'They Left At Dawn / Uptown Shakedown’

Comrades, apologies for anyone that ordered a Van 357 : The Home Current and got forgotten in the last months it has taken to get it back on track. If you did order and never received a copy please get in touch.
The Static Brothers

Available to pre-order at Norman Records here:

Norman Records

In Celebration of International Women's Day...
Saturday 4 March 2023
The Old Print Works, Balsall Heath, Birmingham

More info | Tickets

Matters release their debut album 'Echolocations' via Supersonic Recordings on 3rd March 2023.

More info and pre-order

We bought a Star, we recorded the radiation from the Star, we cut some Star shaped records. Available on request only.

mother stamper

Mother Stamper 'Bitsy D / Heroic Bleep Test’
Van 356 : the Dave Clark 5 of Acid House release a cost of living £4.99 (plus postage) slab of wax. Cut only on order.
Mail to request:

Boat To Row support Declan O'Rourke in Birmingham and Manchester this November.

Nov 4th - Glee Club, Birmingam
Nov 6th - Stoller Hall, Manchester


Polyhymns 'Let Them Be Animals \ Down with the Kids’
Sheffield’s Polyhymns write and produce a mixture of electronic experimental music and psychedelic folk songs and have been described as ‘equally chaotic and serene’.
Their new single has been lathe cut into polycarbonate after a tweak and a distillation by Mike Lindsay (Tunng/ LUMP).
The Static Family bring you Van 353 and to be honest you will need to be quick as most of these went on presale.

£15.99 UK / £16.99 Europe post included paypal is
ROW I will do at mail cost but that means mailing and requesting at

Boat To Row - Quiet Place video


The Caravan roadmap to summer involves letting two new family cells out into the recalibrated normal.

Van 350 : Oort_(TNO), a power trio from the South West of England, grown out of a love of late 1960’s and early 70’s Jazz rock, and prog as well as noise, drone and folk influences. Cassette with Download code £5 to you.

Van 352 : Cult 48. Electronica jams from a dead letter office that have gained much interest already and I don’t expect to hang around (half the cut went on presale). 8” lathe cut in an edition of 120. ***SOLD OUT***

Paypal is (FAF please)

Matters, Birmingham based physicists and fans of ‘Deep Fried Masters’ release a pair of new set standards on Static Caravan. Van 349 ‘Plastik’ is due in a few weeks but ready for order.

10” clear lathe cut In hand printed inner and outer sleeves in neon ink.
£20 plus £3-50 UK £4 Europe and £10 ROW
Paypal is

VERY LIMITED with less than 40 now available direct.


Tunng 'Mother's Daughter And Other Songs’
Vinyl reissue - 9th April 2021 - via Full Time Hobby

Pre-order clear vinyl:

Also available as a Dinked Edition with alternative hand-numbered sleeve, a bonus 7” featuring Tale From Black / Pool Beneath the Pool, and a yellow / black splatter vinyl. These are limited to 500 and will likely sell out quickly.

Fellow travellers.

Finally the long planned Matthew Edwards and the Futurists Van is amongst us.
Two track limited lathe cut and Four track CD with inserts.

£15.99 gets it to a UK home (add £1 for Europe and £5 for ROW post included)

Matters - Hannah

Is a sweet manual of goodness.
A 12? 140g vinyl. Front and back inserts and transparent outer, all screenprinted by hand.
Fifty pink and fifty green, hand numbered.

A. Hannah 8:31
B. Western 9:08
(only available on vinyl)

We have 25 copies of this release left.
We aim to post these out as quickly as possible however please allow extra time under the current COVID-19 circumstances.


The new Boat To Row record (Van 343) is available for those in the know. It was rescued from Pledge Music hell but do not let that deflect from the fact that BTR have been on the brothers wish list for a while and this has an even more ‘Pentangle‘ jive to it. £20 gets it delivered in the UK and it's already down to low numbers.
Paypal is

Van337 : The Home Current is available now folks. (with two exclusive tracks) and full album CD in an edition of 99 copies. (One per person)
This has been shipping solidly to distro and hence now only 25 of the 99 copies are left, snap one up soon.

£19.99 gets it to a UK home (add £1 for Europe and £5 for ROW post included)
Paypal is


Serafina Steer 'Change is Good , Change is Good’ [VAN204]
First released in 2009 the Static Family are psyched to have ‘Change is Good, Change is Good’ by Serafina Steer back and it's already available for digital download and stuff.
An album precious with unpop songs that seem to drive off road to achieve the very onpop results others strive for.


Matters 'The Square’ [VAN340]
I mean why would we not therefore make this a cassette in a square box. As ever it’s all handmade, printed, glued, LED installed and with audio that Gideon Coe and Steve Lamacq have already supported.

£5.99 plus £3 UK. Europe and overseas will be at cost (I'll weigh it and tell you if you order).
Paypal is

These are already low and the band haven’t played Supersonic yet. You dig.

Out now - ADB & Belle "Just Don’t Care/Waiting Line" digital single [VAN342]


Pre-order Tunng's forthcoming "Magpie Bites...and Other Cuts" compilation from their official store or Bandcamp to be entered into a lottery to win a copy of their 'Maypole Song (The)' lathe-cut 7" [VAN73], originally released by Static Caravan in 2004.

Tunng official store


Art of The Memory Palace 'Dusk at Trellick Tower’ [VAN336]
Sweet retro futuristic hits this is a comeback of joy from AOTMP.
300 copies on Vinyl with half already taken.

£15 gets it to your door in the UK £18 in Europe and £20 anywhere else.
Paypal is

Or order from Monorail


Simon H Fox 'Realms' [VAN334] - CD in numbered hand printed sleeve and poster, edition of 100 copies only. Now available. £7 uk £8 europe £11 ROW inc postage.

Paypal is

Static Caravan Recordings are rather chuffed to be able to release a two-track single collaboration between Antony Ryan, of Isan, working here under the name Mugwood, and John Brenton of Landshipping. Released on a 5" lathe cut single, download & streaming.

2 tracks on the 5” lathe. 4 tracks (original extended mixes and lathe tracks) on CD.

£14 gets it anywhere in Europe post paid.

Paypal is

A quick update.

Van 328 : The Matters 8” is now long gone.
Van 321 : David Jaycock is sold out at source.
Van 330 : Open Field is still available but running low. Do nab one of these classy audio dreams. Two track lathe and full album CD.

Van 332 : Telephone Messages on a 2” lathe hand packaged with CD by Ben Javens in an edition of 40 copies will be available next week.
It is only playable on a 3” record player. Hence it comes with a CD.

More very soon.


Open Field 'W.B. In Reverse / Negative Panic' [VAN330] - Folks, the latest Van by Open Field is now available to order. Woozy psychedelia or straight forward hook riddled audio from some ex Kingsbury Manx.

Clear vinyl lathe cut 7" with full album CD in an edition of 99 copies. (One per person)
£19.99 gets it to a UK home
(add £1 for Europe and £5 for ROW)

Paypal is

“a marvelous collection that pairs pastoral psychedelia (sometimes recalling the folkier side of pre-Dark Side Pink Floyd) with pleasingly skewed Americana” says Aquarium Drunkard.


Matters 'ANDON' [VAN328] - Folks, Van 328 is the first physical appearance of Matters. A 2-track 8” lathe cut by Phil Macy in an edition of 50 with a 4 track CD all in a hand cut and screen printed sleeve designed by the band (25 Red and 25 Green). It’s one of those blink and you will miss it releases.

As an 8” its £19.99 but postage is £3 UK and £5 Europe and £8.50 ROW
Paypal is

David Jaycock : The Decline Of The Mobile Library
Static Caravan / VAN321

Last copies of this doozy now available.
Full album CD included with an exclusive lathe cut two tracker by Oort.

£19.99 gets it to a UK home please paypal
(add £1 for Europe and £5 for ROW).
Paypal is

There is a variant sleeve, misprint, if anyone wants a copy please ask when ordering.

Order upcoming Static Caravan releases at Norman Records:



tele:funken 'Rocket Summer' CD [VAN326] - limited CD (initial edition of 100 copies with inserts).

£8.99 plus postage.
Paypal is


QST 'The Silent Cookbook' CD [VAN325] is released today (1st October)

QST is one of many projects captained by Frans De Ward. This time he navigates into the calm waters of 90s ambient with an occasional ripple of house.

£5 UK/Europe inc shipping
Paypal is


Jon Thorne 'Homestead' 7" [VAN315] - limited to 100 Copies. 4 Track Lathe cut 7" and CD album package with inserts. ***SOLD OUT***

Homestead is a very personal exploration into the catharsis of family, sobriety and reconnection with self. Mixing instruments with field recordings of his own children and the Isle of Wight, the album captures a journey back to the homestead through a connected series of musical vignettes. Jon has any number of collaborations under his belt a Leland Sklar of the double bass he has played everywhere and with all types. At the moment he is in a marriage of sorts with James Yorkston and Suhail Yusuf Khan gracing the global festival stages as ‘Yorkston / Thorne / Khan’. The music has the sadness of a Mike Leigh or Ken Loach film soundtrack.

Video for 'The Days Are Long But The Years Are Short'

Debut release for Matters - 'Black Mere' T-shirt and download package:


Ean remix 7" [VAN319] is finally available to pre-order folks (shipping from July 3rd)

Both sides of this wax have received play all over the radio schedule. One vinyl single and the combined efforts of Ean / Eliza Carthy / Disraeli / Memory Band.

£5 UK £6 Europe £8-50 ROW
Paypal is

we are finally moving forward with a bunch of new vans.
First up for order is the 'edit' of Tubular Brass, yeah a brass band version of the Tubular Bells theme.
This is a limited seven really intended for sale on tour by the band but we have copies at £5 UK £6 Europe and £8 ROW. Paypal is

BBC Radio 2 broadcast of a full live performance of the album: - part 1 - part 2


The Home Current ‘The Home Current’ [VAN318] - 4 track CD with 2 tracks cut to a lathe cut vinyl 7”, 100 copies only. ***SOLD OUT***


Anthony J Reynolds ‘Adrift In Soho’ OST [VAN314] - ‘music from the original motion picture from Anthony Reynolds’
3 track 8” lathe cut and CD package, 50 copies only. ***SOLD OUT***

Victories At Sea - LITKE premiere

Victories At Sea premiere the first track from forthcoming six-track ep 'A Place to Stay' [VAN320]
Release date 5 May 2017
Format: CD / Digital

Wednesday 10 May - Sheffield Picturehouse Social
Thursday 11 May - Newcastle Think Tank Underground
Friday 12 May - London Old Blue Last (FREE SHOW)
Saturday 13 May - Birmingham Hare and Hounds
Wednesday 17 May - Leeds Oporto
Friday 7 July - Manchester Castle Hotel


Van 305 :The Memory Band - A Fair Field - released 2nd December 2016

One off pressing, of 300 copies, digital download card included.
Sleeve design by Ben Javens.

£17-50 UK £19-50 Europe £25 USA post paid
Paypal is

Memory Band founder-member Stephen Cracknell visits the landscape which provided the inspiration for their latest LP, A Fair Field:

DOWNLOAD card issue with Van 305 :The Memory Band - A Fair Field vinyl LP.

If you purchased the album and found the download card does not work then you are not bonkers. The url is wrong. Apologies to those that have been unable to download.

Here's the correct link:


Grantby ‘EP2’ [VAN306] - the new 12” from Grantby - it's only taken 10 years. Available now. One-off pressing of 400 copies.

£10 UK £13 Europe £18 USA post paid
Paypal is

Grantby is Album Of The Month for December at Glasgow's esteemed Monorail Music, and comes with an exclusive mix CD by Grantby.
Order here: Grantby at Monorail

Just a nudge that our collegues BLACKASH are down to the last few of the vinyl package.
Our digital version will be live from the 9th December.

Guardian Band of the week:

Their 1st live show is in Digbeth, Birmingham on Saturday 10th December

"Sounds Like Detroit Ballroom circa-1970" Record Collector


Van 305 :The Memory Band - A Fair Field

Due first week of December is the new one from The Memory Band. ‘A Fair Field ‘ is a stunning continuation of their journey to make music with a big blood filled heart.

Mojo called it ‘ A Triumph’

One off pressing, of 300 copies, digital download card included.
Sleeve design by Ben Javens.

£17-50 UK £19-50 Europe £25 USA post paid
Paypal is

Two tracks from the album on YouTube:

Goodnight Lenin release Desire [digital single] on 21st November 2016. [VAN312]

Static Caravan and Fruits de Mere bring you ‘Static Fruit’

Four bands, 7” vinyl, limited pressing, label copies come with 2 additional CDs

Jack Ellister - The Insektlife Cycle - Art Of The Memory Palace - Cheval Sombre

SOLD OUT AT source. Please do not order directly from the labels.

Static brother TVAM keeps up his work ethic with more remixes:

Static collaborators Fruits De Mer announce 'The Fifteenth Dream Of Dr. Sardonicus - A Festival Of Psychedelia' from 4th - 6th August 2016 in Cardigan, Wales.


The Duke St. Workshop ‘Scuro Estivo’ [VAN308] Very limited lathe cut edition with acetate and film inserts. An in-between albums single from The Duke Street Workshop. ****SOLD OUT****


Howard / Wiggan / Mapp
Chuffed to bits to be releasing this record.

The Black Ark is a favourite at the Caravan and Justin and Chris have done such good work here. To be helped in the release by my mentor Steve at Dirter as well.

Guaranteed quality. One off pressing, gloss front, matt back sleeve in a Ben Javens design. Digital download included.

£18 UK £20 Europe £25 USA post paid


The Hayman Kupa Band ‘Someone to Care For’ [VAN303] brings Darren Hayman back to the Caravan. An alternative hit laced with temptation and a spoonful of infidelity.

300 copy seven inch single that due to delivery people kicking it from pillar to post may now be an edition of 250 or less.

£5 UK £6 Europe £8-50 ROW
Paypal is

Next up will be a Picture Disc of Train Noises.
Flywheel Shyster and Flywheel

Art of the Memory Palace with James Robertson
Your Soul is Not a Bird - Part 1 and 2

Listen here:

Limited to 100 copies - Lathe Cut. A year on from the release of their acclaimed debut album 'This Life is But a Passing Dream', Kosmiche duo Art of the Memory Palace return with a nine minute orchestral drone opus 'Your soul is not a Bird'. Celebrated Scottish author James Robertson adds his voice on top.

£9 includes UK postage £10 for Europe and £15 for USA
Paypal is


TVAM : Gas and Air / Cannibals : Van 301
Is up for sale SOLD OUT

This is a 5” lathe cut ltd to 80 copies that is intended for sale at a few live shows.

TVAM have been nominated for the Liverpool music prize The GIT Award

TVAM as HMV's Next Big Thing

TVAM on Fresh On The Net:

Rory McVicar 'Toothache' video, from VAN298

Recent releases SOLD OUT:

Van 296 : The Duke Street Workshop with Laurence R Harvey : Tales Of H P Lovecraft
Please do not order as we have no copies left.

Van 290 : TV/AM – Porsche Majeure : Lathe Cut edition of 88 copies
Please do not order as we have no copies left.


Aidan Knight [VAN300] - tour edition of Aidan’s new single. The full 6min 47secs of the magnificent ‘The Arp’ backed with ‘What Light (Never Goes Dim)’
8” lathe cut, hand packaged, inserts and CD copy. Edition of 78.

We will only have a few copies as these.

£15 UK, £16 Europe, £20 ROW all prices post paid.
Paypal is


The Duke St. Workshop with Laurence R Harvey 'Tales Of H.P. Lovecraft' [VAN296] ***SOLD OUT***

Vinyl only edition of 300 copies.

Listen here:


Victories At Sea 'Everything Forever' [VAN291] is OUT NOW. This is heading for a sold out situation. The band have the last copies for sale at shows. This cannot be repressed with all the inserts and signed polaroid etc. so I urge you to nab a copy now if you even slightly fancy one.


Free School 'Dancing On The Dark' [VAN287] album OUT NOW. CD and digital gubbins only.

Features the Tour De France smash ‘Hudson’s Whistle’

**Update** - Initial copies of this CD have all gone. Shops will be re-stocked in a few weeks.


David O'Dowda 'The World Retreats' [VAN297] is released November 6th 2015, ltd hand-fashioned CD edition of 100 only and all Digital Formats.

CD £5, plus postage 50p UK £1 Europe £2 ROW. Paypal is
*Update* - if you have ordered this then please hang on to your hats as we are having printer problems and are still awaiting the card/ paper parts.


Bido Lito interview - side AA, page 9:


The Earlies 'Message From Home' [VAN292] is a joint release between Franklyn Mint and Static Caravan. The latter will be releasing the EP on cassette and an 8” lathe cut vinyl *sold out*

Digital release:

Folks, Van 282 : Art of The Memory Palace is in stock and ready to order *sold out*

Digital release:

Geoff's listening day profiled in the build-up to Harkive 2015 (21st July):

Free School In the Moog Sound Lab at Supersonic Festival:

Free School - Love Calling (feat. Tomlin Mystic) [VAN289]
Released 26th June 2015

The Memory Band have been commissioned by The British Library and Supersonic Festival to create a new work, Children of the Stones. This was performed at Supersonic (13th June). A ltd edition lathe cut seven inch record [VAN288] is now on sale *sold out* containing audio from the commission.

More info:

Totally Radio's The Daily Show broadcast an hour-long Static Caravan special on Friday 27th February 2015. Tracklist and streaming audio here:

Van280 : Stick In The Wheel
Track listing: Common Ground / Hasp.

White foil embossed on recycled black board, very limited pressing, with download code.
Listen on Soundcloud

This beauty has taken some time and effort to get together folks.
£6 plus post and package at £1 UK, £2 Europe and £4 ROW Folks, a quick nod to nab this as soon as you can, it is sold out here now. Copies will be in the shops on Monday March 9th.


The Woodbine & Ivy Band 'Sleep On Sleeping On' CD [VAN281] - edition of 500. Release date: March 9th 2015.

Now available for pre-order. £10 includes postage. Paypal is


Free School 'Hudson's Whistle' 7" [VAN284] is getting a lot of air play and a lot of requests. It is due in stock next week. Splatter vinyl 7” in an edition of 300 and the b side is remodelled by MAPS.

£4 plus P+P at £1 UK , £2 Europe and £4 ROW. Paypal is


Folks, our esteemed static brother PhilMRiot is releasing 45 x 45s lathe cuts in the next year. As part of this madness he/we are cutting a very small amounts of a two-track excerpt from the long gone tape VAN197. This will be VAN197a and available directly from the manufacturer himself.

Further info:

Victories At Sea new single 'Up' released 12th Jan 2015 [VAN283]

RED FLAG! New live video by Ewan Jones Morris filmed on the set of Bright Phoenix, a play written by Jeff Young at the Everyman theatre in Liverpool. Starring in order of appearance: LJM, Vidar Norheim and Rhodri Meilir.

Folks/ Children of the Van,
Many thanks for your continued support this last year.

Van 275 : Pete Philipson ‘Limefield Sessions‘ has sold out.
Van 278 : Julie Byrne ‘melting grid’ has sold out.

The start of the year will bring new singles from Stick In The Wheel, Free School and Victories at Sea. There will be a CD from The Woodbine and Ivy Band and a cassette from Art of the Memory Palace.

We'll also be releasing a couple of very ltd Lathe Cuts. Maybe 30-50 copies only. I hope to have artists like Us and Them; Diagrams next but I really do want to make sure that the few of you that care get a chance to get your hands on these. Price would be around £20. Please mail me if you have any thoughts or want to reserve these future releases.

Damn stuff and Vivian Stanshall.

Legs Larry Smith

Stick In The Wheel already have 14 gigs confirmed for 2015. Check 'em out:


The Great Electric 'EP1' 7" [VAN276] - available now. Hand numbered edition of 300 translucent red vinyl 12”. Prices inc P+P - UK £11, £13 Europe, £16 ROW. Paypal is

The Great Electric was formed in the winter of 2012 by Malcolm Doherty (Guitars, FX), Rob Hyde (Drums), Darren Hayman (Synth), Duncan Hemphill (Tones, Drones and FX) and Pete Gofton (Bass/Production). Alumni of bands as diverse as Hefner, Kenickie, GoKart Mozart & Mum and Dad, the band was united by a love of the classic German electronic and progressive acts of the 1970s coupled with the pop music sensibilities, hooks and production of 90s bands such as Stereolab, Quickspace and Electric Sound of Joy.

Just found 5 copies of Yellow Moon Band 12” VAN 181. Yellow artwork / translucent green vinyl.
'Polaris' remixed by the Time and Space Machine
'Lunadelica/Chimney' messed with by John Twells (Type Records)

Prices inc P+P - UK £11, £13 Europe, £16 ROW. Paypal is

The Grafham Water Sailing Club new track 'Nettle Hill ft Gracie Vee'

Duke St Workshop : Cabin 28 - now available
CD only - £10 UK and Europe Postage included - ROW add £2.50
Oh yes paypal is

Oct 2014 - warehouse find:

A couple of copies of Zombi : Slow Oscillations - Van 226, numbered 7”
£6 UK £7 Europe includes postage

1 copy of Besnard Lakes 10” : would anyone come to visit me - Van 90, 10” with band hand screened insert.
£10 plus postage (to be charged at cost)

Victories At Sea new track 'Florentine'

Static alumni Cathode is giving away 'Before We Split Frequencies' Vol.1 and Vol.2 via his website:
The compilations include tracks previously released on Static Caravan vinyl.
Listen here:
We'd recommend a trawl around the Cathode site whilst you're there.


The Grafham Water Sailing Club 'Ankara' 7" [VAN269] - edition of 300. £4 plus UK postage at £1 Europe at £2 and ROW at £4. Paypal is
Now available direct and will also be in the site shop soon


Duke St Workshop 'Hospital' 7" [VAN271] - £4 plus UK postage at £1 Europe at £2 and ROW at £4. Paypal is
Now available direct and will also be in the site shop soon

VAN268 : Tote Bags
Graphite Grey, static caravan ‘font’ on black bag
These are £5. Please note these are v ltd.

VAN262 – one string fiddle worksheet
These were given away at Moseley Folk Festival. I have kept a stash back to give away to anyone that orders until they are gone.


Victories At Sea 'In Memory Of' CD ep [VAN260] was released on 3rd July 2013. This is the band's debut release.

'Stay Positive', the ep's opening track, was played by Steve Lamacq on BBC 6Music on Wednesday 5th June.

Static Caravan on Twitter: @sttccrvn

Static Records
34 Hallgate
Wigan, WN11LR

Please visit. We will try to keep latest, tour only, whatever fancies and cupcakes available here along with the stacks of buzzin' second hand vinyl.

Static Records on Twitter: @StaticRecords

Lux Harmonium 'Peggy Come Home' video:


Grúska Babúska Babushka doll USB [VAN261]
This is a nice thing - contains wav files of a six-track ep. £10 UK delivered, elsewhere post is at cost.


The Memory Band 'On The Chalk (Our Navigation Of The Line Of The Downs)' CD [VAN257]
Out on May 13th. Stephen is interviewed about some of the people who inspired the album:

RG Morrisson

RG Morrison 'Slumber' 7" [VAN259]
The R G Morrison are yet another band from Totnes Devon, although you wouldn't know it. They've played across the World at the biggest, smallest and weirdest festivals, on all manner of stages, support slots and carparks… although when in Totnes the four piece (of sorts) are the guy from the record shop, his wife, a theatre nurse and that New Yorker who drums for Jeffery Lewis. Anonymity is a good fit.

£4 plus UK postage at £1 Europe at £2 and ROW at £4. Paypal is

Hannah Peel 'Nailhouse ep' (7" and digital) out now on The Mitcham Submarine

Tokolosh - New Band Of The Day -

Video for Laura J Martin's 'Applecart', directed by Ewan Jones Morris

Dan Haywood

Dan Haywood's New Hawks 'Field Notes' [Van 252]
This live recording presented in hand packaged boxed edition of 300 is now available directly - £9 UK, £10 Europe, £11 ROW. Paypal is

Bonus Skor

Bonus Skor (Laura J Martin / Mike Lindsay) CD - £5 uk £5 Europe £7 ROW includes postage. Paypal is

Oo other way to say it but ‘Flute Wrangler’ Laura J Martin is back with a follow up to the lauded ‘The Hangman Tree’.
No stranger to touring and collaborating, having previous stints with Euros Childs and Norman Blake’s ‘Jonny’, radio sessions a plenty and a stint on the festival circuit. Laura set off Reykjavik to record with Mike Lindsay (Tunng and Cheek Mountain Thief). The proposed solo record put on the back burner whilst they recorded a ep of collaborations. A travelogue of her visit, mashing field recordings with Lindsay’s wonky pop and then brought back to the UK for a citrus fresh session with Benge at the Mastering filter station. Just pop enough to fit the pages of experimental music, but also with enough of a experiment inside the idiom of pop so you know this will never be mainstream.


Tokolosh Van 248 : - two track 7” is now ready to post out.
£4 plus UK postage at £1 Europe at £2 and ROW at £4. Paypal is


The Big Eyes Family Players 'Folk Songs II' CD
£9 UK, £10 Europe, £11 ROW. Postage included. Paypal is

Available now:

Van 246 : Driver Drive Faster 'To Return' 7"
Beautiful gold foil blocked sleeve pressed on translucent yellow wax ltd to 300 copies.
This has already been battered on Radio 6 and won the rebel playlist. Already down to about 30 copies.
£4 plus UK postage at £1 Europe at £1-50 and ROW at £2. Paypal is


Jess Roberts 'Voodoo Woman' now available. White Vinyl, Hammer Press paper sleeve, 300 copies.

So here it is Van 244. As much Vinegar Joe as Julie Driscol, Jess Roberts featuring Dave and Barry Hyde, Neil Bassett (Futureheads and Hyde and Beast) and Lucas Renney (ex-Golden Virgins)
£4.00 plus 65p P+P UK, £1 Europe and £1-50 ROW. Paypal is